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Hi All,

Been a while as myself and Lee are busy running UK-IT (along with help here and there from a few of you!)

So not much to tell, other than we're pretty much all on Facebook these days.

Maybe we'll do another get together in 2011.

Just thought i'd add a news feed for any of you Queen fans out there!

See Ya



Rob DeanAndy MacleodMark HumphreyLee RodgersPaul StidstonTerry ReadJo WentTherese LeeJanine DayAndrew AudenDavid PriestSteffan Cohen


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Thanks to those that made it along on the 14th June, photo's have been added to the Party Time section

. Click HERE to see them!

Roll call for the night was:

Karen Baxter
Nikki Caton
Steff Cohen
Dan Cronin
Rob Dean
Stephen Fox
Stacey Lewis
Terry Read
Lee Rodgers
Wendy Smart
Paul Stidston

and not fogetting Jo Went who phoned in from Oz!

See ya all again soon!


Hi All,

So here it is.... The next Class of 88 night out
Festival Leisure Park, Basildon
I'll be eating with a couple of others at The Aroma, if you plan on joining us let me know as if there's 8 or more we can book tables. It's about £14 for the buffet.
8pm - HOLLYWOOD BOWL - in the Bar!
Cheapest beer on the park and we'll be able to hear each other without shouting!
11pm - CHICAGOS - On the dancefloor
For those ready to let the party animal in you go wild!

Send me a mail, use the guestbook, facebook or text/call me on 07963 619039 for more details


Birthdays are still being added to the calendar, so keep them coming, regardless of what year you were there!
If you haven't already, then you can find a load of us on facebook!
Here's some of who's already on there (anyone else wants adding let me know!):


I am still around and will get the revamp of the site done soon! (honest!)

Need to arrange a night out, but September is already out for me, so, if people want to get in touch, I'm planning to have a halloween party this year, which could well be the next chance to have a few beers!

Fancy dress will be required, partners would be welcome, but have to say no kids to keep the numbers down. We had one a couple of years back and there was about 40 people here!


OK, not done any updates live on the site yet, I am working on them though!

I'll be out drinking again Saturday 10th June

at Chicago's from 1pm for the England game.

See ya there if you fancy a beer!



Aw, crap. Maybe I should have said couple of months!

I will get round to it, honest!

Next drink will be watching the Hammers in the Cup Final on May 13th at Chicagos.

See ya



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